Rorik Thordson

A veteran Nahkari warrior left bitter by the world

Height: 5’11"
Weight: 193 lbs.
Eyes: Ice Blue
Hair: Blonde

No one really knows where Rorik originally hails from. As he is one of the older Nahkari, his origins are somewhat of a mystery. Of course the Brothers know, as do his original teachers (those that are still around, that is ) but they aren’t talking. At Rorik’s request, of course.

As one of the longest-running warriors of The Order of Linden, it falls upon Rorik to pass along his knowledge and experience to those that survive the process of becoming a Nahkari. He does so begrudgingly, however. Mostly because he is tired of seeing younger Nahkari cut down while he himself is still adventuring and hunting monsters. He doesn’t hesitate to tell the other veterans this either. It doesn’t stop him from doing his job, though. And he does it very well.

Rorik Thordson

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