The Order of Linden

The Order of Linden

The Brothers came to Varaskala first. Their holy rites originally based around a distant version of Catholicism, they are now centered around the faith in the Ancients that forged the city around them. They guided the first people to Varaskala, and offered them guidance. They exist as holy guides still.

They are tender and kind, living in small rooms built into the mountain at the back end of the temple. They continue to wear the humble robes of their original monastic life. Being called to be a Brother is a high honor, and normally occurs when a young man is a teenager. Once he’s made his commitment he is offered into the inner sanctum and gives up his life in the city altogether.

The order practices the art of herbalism and alchemy to the highest degree. With the proper plant, they have been known to brew a poison that will kill instantly or a medicine that can wipe clean a pox. They are practitioners of philosophy and magic, handing down the wisdom entrusted to them to all the different houses. Every house owes the Brothers a high debt for giving them the secrets they use every day.

They maintain and write libraries of mythologies, histories, and symbols used in so many variations of “magic”. They preach and practice among their order the act of maintaining the “balance.” All the world is about a balance between good and evil. Their balance insists that both good and evil must be allowed to exist in order to preserve the precious balance among spirit and man. They know that there is plenty that exists beyond man’s comprehension, and they seek to understand these things as well as their place in them.

They are governed by an inner sanctum called “The High council” which are never seen, or heard, except by the highest ranking Brothers.

They are for all intensive purposes, functioning as a monastic order, who believe in a purity of mind and spirit, humbled always by the journey the first Brothers took to this land and the sacrifices made.

The Order of Linden

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