The legends say there was a lord who had a great land in the hills around Rome. Before the empire had a name, and before the world knew its strength. The rolling mountains harbored many villages and towns, but none as wealthy as this. The lord was good to his people, and they thrived under him. He took great pride in the prosperity that his lands brought him, and his livestock were the healthiest for trade. Other villages and towns often were eager to buy his cattle; knowing just one bull would breed greatness into their own livestock.

But, his pride fell to greed, and he continued to press into the hills around him. He plowed up more lands for his livestock and fields. He bought more slaves to tend to his cattle, determined that he could be the best trader in the northeast one day.

Unknowingly he had cut into the woods too deep, and the natural order of things reached out to balance the insult. Late one night, a pack of wolves came down the hillside and killed most of his livestock. They ate their fill, and slaughtered the rest. The lord woke up to see that he’d been given a nasty blow. His advisors warned him to take this as a sign. Nature did not approve of his greed, and he must be satisfied with his local prosperity. But, he would not listen. He gathered up a few men, and rode out into the hills the next day. He followed the trail of blood from his cattle, and found the cave where the pack slept. Viciously, he slaughtered the entire wolf pack, and then returned with their gutted bodies. He ordered blankets and trophies made out of his kill. But, the tailors refused. This was a dark omen, they said. There would be a greater price to pay for any of those who touched the bodies of the wolves, and no matter of money would make them work the hides.

The lord laughed at this, went home to his manor and slept easy feeling that the predators had been dealt with and he could rebuild now.

Late that night, a dark spirit stirred among the top of the hills. The great wolf they say had been awaken by the slaughter, and was angry. She descended out of the mountains, and in silence went to the manor where the lord slept. She crept through his guards, and into his bed. With her powerful jaws she bit the lord hard across his sword arm, marking him forever for killing her kin.

In the morning the lord woke covered in blood, and pale from a terrible dream. His wife and sons sent for a doctor, but the wounds were nothing they’d ever seen before.They dressed them as best they could, and he took ill with a fever. He suffered for three long days, and the fool moon rose high.

The change that came over him destroyed the human that he once was. He grew three feet taller and twice as broad. His body covered in fur, and his face pressed into the sharp maw of a wolf. His hands and feet became claws that would tear anyone to shreds. He’d forgotten himself, and he erupted from his sickness feeling vibrantly alive and hungry. He was hungry for flesh, and flesh was all around in his home. He tore through his household as they slept, not realizing the murderous beast he had become. All those he found were just prey and he was the predator tracking and killing with great joy. His frenzy burned in his heart, and he burst into the night never to be heard from again.

His blood is in the veins of every werewolf, and his story is a reminder of the frenzy that must be kept at bay. Werewolves owe a debt to humanity, and must keep mankind safe, and balance the beast in their hearts. They are the abomination bred of human greed, and they are the mark of what it costs when the wise are not heeded.

Basic premise of creation———→ Werewolves were all bitten at some point by another werewolf. It could be an accident or maybe something the person hardly remembers, like a nightmare. But, regardless they are bitten and taken sick. They will be sick for three days, and very near death. Then, their body starts to heal. They feel revitalized and the world seems sharper. Their senses are slightly heightened, and their instincts are as well. They seem very alive and energized. Then, on the first full moon, they undergo their first change. They go full werewolf and frenzy. The first change there is always a frenzy, which means that sometimes it is unavoidable to have spilled blood. You normally don’t know what is happening to you, so there is no way to prevent this (unless you have a good story for why).

All changes after the first happen under heightened emotional stress. On the full moon a werewolf has to change, there is no willpower to override that. But, normally they do not frenzy anymore, the more often they do it. They keep their wits about themselves, and can even remember their human side more and more as they get older. Werewolves only have two forms, besides human. They can shift into a wolf, and they can shift into a werewolf/ beast form, humanoid that walks on two legs. They can also breed with other werewolves and create werewolf children. Most werewolves are loners however, and would not wish to pass down “the curse” as they see it. But, the bloodline does continue down through the genes of the child, without a bite required to trigger it. It normally just shows up around puberty.

Gifts———— They have heightened senses even in their human form. They can smell when something is unnatural as well, the way a predator knows to back off of something and leave italone, or to be weary of it.

The Fright——-it calls on the wolves to their aid, and or causes unnatural creatures to flee at the sound of it. It is a very powerful tool for a werewolf who is alone often, and sometimes needs to reconnect with the kin that she/he does not have to fear harming in any way. It is also a great way to stay alive, very few who ever hear such a howl are going to to in the direction of it.

Flaws————— Werewolves are first and foremost, haunted. If they kill any innocent human being as a werewolf, then that human spirit can not rest until the werewolf is dead. They follow them around, and make it even more uneasy for a werewolf to want to be around human beings for fear of losing control and gaining another ghost. This also means, that normally at least one of the ghosts is a loved one because of their first frenzy.

The Protectors Curse———-Werewolves have a compulsion to protect human beings, which means that if they see a human being in trouble, they will throw themselves in harms way to try and save the person or persons. They normally stay away from human villages and towns, but at the same time they like to keep an eye out to make sure that no innocent is being harmed too much. They would even risk going beast in daylight if it meant that they could stop some creature from harming a child. The player has to roll a willpower check to try and resist if the situation does not allow them to interfere, or if it would call too much attention to themselves.


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