The Origin of Varazskala


Three hundred years ago, the first Brothers were monks that toiled in the southern lands of Hungary, preaching and teaching to a small village people who welcomed their peaceful guidance. Then, one early morning a creature made of light appeared to them and bid the Brothers follow them North into the Carpathian Mountains.

The Brothers, pure of heart and noble always, sensed the good in this creature but refused to abandon the people of their village whose lives they’d promised to protect. So, for eight days the creature of light appeared to the village, allowing itself to be seen by all until finally on the ninth day the people gathered with the Brothers and agreed that they would all go out together, into the mountains to follow the light.

They packed their belongings, left their parish and homesteads, and rode for months north through treacherous lands with the increasingly colder weather. The creature of light guided them in whispers. It appeared at night to comfort them, and hid from the eyes of the public during the day. They took the roads until there were no more roads, then crossed hills and valleys, and finally made the arduous climb up into the mountains.

On the mountain pass, many families lost loved ones. The harsh cold brought sickness to some, and the dangerous climb brought accidents to others. But, still they persisted into the borderlands and finally down into a valley hidden between the mountain peaks. This is where the Brothers and their people met the Ancients.

They stood a group of great beings more beautiful than anyone had ever seen. Beings from a time forgotten, with weapons and armor centuries old. The creature of light was their messenger, and they greeted the Brothers and their people with great relief.

You see they sensed a dying distress in the world, and magic was being forgotten. For the survival of their world and the world of man, they needed to share their secrets with those who were would wield it well.

They offered Brothers and their people gifts of magic, knowledge, and creation. In exchange, they required complete protection.

So, after much prayer and soul searching, the Brother and their people agreed. For the good of their world as well as the world of the Ancients. To seal the pact a sacrifice must be made and a fortress created. Because the people had already sacrificed so much on their journey, eight of the Ancients offered up their life force to the promise of an alliance between the two worlds and asked that only one of the Brothers complete the ritual with them.

We remember him as Brother Lekszi, and we remember the Ancients as Vapa, Syrre, Camlis, Ednesi, Remas, Dresto, Myssath, and Alla.

The nine gave up their lives and their light to imbue the land with magic and with that magic forged the city of Varazskala. Their carved likenesses standing in silent vigil to guide the Brothers and their people to this very day.

The Origin of Varazskala

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