“You are legend born…..” The old woman fidgets with her hands, that curl on their own now with age. The skin like paper wrinkles and stretched over long boney fingers. The young girl simply sits patiently on the dirt floor, staring up at the gesture as if it would yeild magic.

“Legend born before your time……when the days were once and never are again. You were born a long time ago, and will do great deeds now. Even as we sing your songs. You exist in greatness…..past and present….my little one……my little love. You will be great, and have been great.”

The girl wrinkles her brow, trying to follow her grandmother’s dilerium. She is only five, but she understands that there is wisdom here if she concentrates hard enough. “I’m great? But, how, grandma? We’re just farmers.”

The old woman makes a small clicking noise of disapproval and then fidgets with her hands again. Her eyes sightless and white stare out toward the one small window of the room.

“Are you alright?”

“Gudrin, dear leave grandmother alone. You know better than to pester her weary old mind. She’s not well.” Her mother appears in the doorway, tall and solid as a norse woman should be. She scolds her daughter as she passes to the hearth fire and checks the soup boiling in a cauldron over the flames.

“I wasn’t bothering her!” The girl protests.

“Run along outside and play with your sisters. Stop getting under foot, or I shall have to call the fae on you.” Her mother shooes with a small gesture of her hand.

Gudrin does not ever defy this threat, and skips out quickly.

“The legends……” The old woman whispers….“They are in us….”

The year is 1211 A.D, so the history will vary from place to place. There is still a lot of superstition amongthe villages and townships. There is a magic to the superstition, and the world is full of various beliefs myths and religions. They are as vast asthe people are different. If making a human, your biggest principle will be to decide where you are from, and what superstitions you hold to. It should be appropriate to your area, but it is important for you to have some belief in something.

Gifts———-Humans are resilient and have a natural ingenuity. They are determined to survive, and have proven over history their knack for making something out of nothing if needs be. They are also determined to quantify their life, universe, and their place in it all. It is said that human belief is some of the truest and purest in all the world. If a human being truly believes something is going to protect them, then it does. If they have faith, they’ve been known to really do miracles in dire situations. It is said among other creatures, that there is nothing more beautifully creative than the human spirit. Because of this, humans can be magic users. Most humans have some sort of magic about them, solely because of their beliefs, but it is touch and go. However there are a few that are extraordinary, and they are are gifted with a way to change their environment a bit. They are often healers, witches, medicine men, priests, etc. in history.

Flaws——— They have a normal lifespan, and they are prone to sickness. They can die from any number of wounds, and lesser beings like to prey on them because they see them as weak. Humans are often at the whim of their environment, having to move, change, or adapt to stay alive


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