Among the order there has existed for nearly 200 hundred years now, a race of men and women called: The Nakhari

They are called a “race” not because they are born of the same genetic cloth, but because they have survived the tests and challenges and have become something more than human. They are normally found at birth, and brought to the order, so their earliest memories are of The Fathers and their Nahkari teachers.

Their life is one of constant tests of strength. When they are young they are taught to think sharply, and are immersed in studies with The Fathers. They learn about language, and the written word. They learn about medicines and poisons. They learn legends from day one, and are taught that monsters are very real.

When they reach adolescence they begin their physical training, learning to fight with various weapons until they choose the one they favor the most. They are still encouraged to be well-rounded when they spar among each other, but their gifts and strengths are as individual as they are.

The companionship they have among each other is bred out of the rarity of their gifts. From day one they are subjected to hardship, and are made to endure many poisons to toughen them inside and out. Not all survive this, and that is part of the test. It is a sad day when one of them dies, but it is seen as not “meant to be”, and it makes The Fathers focus even harder on those that continue to endure. In their final year of training, they must create from their first monster kill a mutagen of their own, and drink it. This test is the last mutagen they will consume among the order, and will be he last test of readiness to go out into the world. If they survive it, then they are ready.

The poisons over the years are mixed from the bones and bits of monsters creating mutagens, which begin to mutate their entire bodies from the inside. It makes them immune to disease or sickness. They do not feel pain the same. Their pupils sharpen unnaturally and begin to see easier in the dark. They also become sterile.

The Nahkari are born and raised to be monster fighters. They go out and seek to keep the balance among the darkness and light, and all the creatures that would wander just below the human radar. They have been known to hunt the darkest of monsters, lift curses, and even perform exorcisms… for the right terms, and some will only do it for the right price.

The strange men from Carpathia that venture out among the men in the surrounding countries, are often looked at with suspicion. No one knows what to think of them, and many keep their paths clear of the Nahkari if they can help it. In this day and age, since superstition runs deep, no one is ever sure to welcome their efforts, or simply pay them and rush them along.

Gifts———→ The Pendant——-it is given to them when they are small children, and they never remove it. It is an iron piece in the shape of a wolf’s head, on a silver chain, and they have worn it through all their studies and trials. It becomes a focus for their energy and their spirit. It never leaves their neck, and even when they die it is buried or burned with them. It helps them to carry out their tasks in life, and follows with them even unto death. It allows them to bring immediate focus to any sign or spell they make. Without it their powers are lessened, and they have a harder time accomplishing any sort of signs them. They can still try and use the signs they’ve learned, but it will be taxing and one spell can risk damage to their bodies.

Signs——→ The Nahkari are known to wield “Signs” that invoke a sort of manipulation to their environment. They are spells that are learned for their usefulness, and to accomplish fighting in more than just hand to hand combat. The Signs help to enhance the fight against the monsters they encounter. It is their own special form of magic that is derived from the practice of alchemy from The Fathers.

Flaws————→ They are never really trusted by most people, and everyone sort of turns from them because their sheer presence makes them uneasy. Not solely because they look different but because there is something about them that seems not quite right. People keep them at a distance, and don’t like to have them around. Some even see them as a bad omen, should a Nahkari make it to town. Few understand that what they are, much less that they are there to protect them.

NOTE: They are also sterile. The mutagens that change their bodies to be stronger in many ways, and have separated them from humanity, have also caused them to be unable to reproduce. It is a draw back to the toxins that have made them stronger, and they will not be able to carry on their bloodlines at all.


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