Vampire Heirarchy

Vampire hierarchy

Vampires believe themselves to be “guiders” of mankind. They see themselves as protectors of humanity, only because without humanity they do not exist. Like a careful farmer, tending its livestock, they make sure that humanity is allowed to perpetuate and frown on any of their kind that relishes in destruction. It is easy to see themselves as better than humans, simply because they exist on a higher consciousness. However, most are fascinated with the ingenuity of mankind. They love to be around humans, and listen to their ramblings. They enjoy the structures of civilizations, towns, villages, etc. They seem themselves as a part of keeping the cycle going on a grand scale; weeding out the bad so that the good stock can flourish.

Because of this, over the centuries, they’ve divided themselves into three paths or purposes in their unlife: The Scholars, The Politicians, and The Soldiers.

The Scholars: Their mark is a red sash or a red cloak. On the rare occasion that they meet, they will adorn themselves completely in red cloth, so that their status is evident. The Scholars believe themselves to be keepers of great lore, and the written word. They often have an entourage of humans that hang on their every word, and would be willing to protect their master with their lives if needs be. When in towns they socialize with thepriests or learned men of the area. Often they enjoy spending time cloistered away with any holy man or druid that would keep them company for a while and speak of the great magic and philosophy that keeps the world going.

The Politicians: Their mark is black and silver. They normally have a crest of a silver rose on their cloak or clothing in some shape or fashion. They are elitists, and normally keep company only with men or women of money and power. They travel in style, but do not keep too many humans close to them. They enjoy a few, take lovers, and stay clear of their own kind as often as possible. They fear greatly that another will usurp any hold they may have acquired, and are always suspicious that someone is lying in wait to kill them the older they get.

The Soldiers: They don’t have a mark or color to distinguish them. It is either that they are not organized, or they are too young to care. They are easily spotted by the amount of weapons they carry, or the casual way they do not separate themselves from mankind. They are not afraid of the rough and tumble world they live in, and often run the risk of getting too close while carousing in an inn. Regardless they are the warriors and fighters of their kind. Sometimes they group up to help one another, if a specific point or purpose requires it. They’ve been known to be brutish and easily angered. But, that rumor is kept in place by the scholars who do not understand their lack of tact. The truth is that their souls are inclined to a good fight; it’s in them regardless of how they are made. So, far be it for them to betray their own nature. Politicians have even been known to employ them as guards, knowing that they are far more intelligent than anyone gives them credit for. They are part of the “consciousness” after all.

Laws among Vampires: (unspoken, but known)

  • Never kill your own kind. If they have lost themselves to destruction, then they will be dealt with. But, there better be proof, or you will be put to death as well.
  • Never attempt to harm or ghoul a human of another’s entourage or party.
  • A young vampire must be kept for at least a minimum of 5 years under their master’s tutelage before they are set on their own path.
  • Your own path is one you must walk alone.
  • Never disturb or disrupt a vampire’s known territory or claim, without permission of the one that holds it.

Vampire Heirarchy

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