Quiet now my beautiful one, sit with me, let me drink from you and then we’ll talk a while

The young woman inclines her head to the man before her, and he licks her neck. He feels the pulse, then bites down slowly. She emits wraps her arms around his chest, as he pulls her close, and emits a low groan of orgasmic pleasure. He drinks deep from her, three long pulls of her blood, then stops. His breath on her neck makes her quiver, as she is enraptured by his touch. Slowly he relaxes her backward onto the pillows gathered around the floor by his chair. She lays there, with her eyes closed in a half dazed stupor. He wipes his mouth, and continues.

You are so lovely, it almost pains me to look at you.For as a human you remind me of the death that in inevitable for your kind. You die and then decay, and that is it for you. My kind is always decaying, but never dying. No we keep our souls. Imagine the madness of it all. It does drive some mad, you know. When you become you will understand. I will share my secrets with you, and if you go mad, I will slit your throat and leave you in the sun for the heavens to claim you.

The young woman gives a lazy smile to this, as if not acknowledging the brutality of the threat. As if her lovers voice was whispering nothing but sweetness to her ears.

You must remember that we hold a purpose. You must never let the madness claim you. You must never think of yourself as greater than humans, only lost among them. This is the lot of the dark ones. The dead ones. We are reminders of things lost. We’ve kept countless centuries of histories alive. We will be alive still in the end, when the world cracks and the truth is laid out for all to see. Gods and goddesses be damned, we are the leeches that feed on their precious humanity. As long as they thrive so do we, and that is why we must love them. That is why I must love you, my beauty. Even now I would love to take you, and ravish you as a man. I could, if I wished, but I might lose control. Then,where would we be? No we’ll wait here. Guard me in my sleep, my lovely one. I must rest now, dawn is fast approaching. We’ll talk more soon, my child, my lover, my life.

As if he had never been there, he disappears down into the cellar of the house without a sound. The servants will wake the woman in the morning and make sure she is well fed, then she will keep the house as she has been ordered to oversee its workings. She is the mistress now, hired on to run the household when the Master is away, and all things must be kept as he likes them.

Basic rules—— They have all been gouled once, meaning they were blood bound to a vampire, and were “called” to him/her whenever the vampire wished to feed. They were like lovers to the vampires, before the fatal night that a vampire should decide to make them. Vampires are made through an exchange of blood. There is a draining, and a death. Then, you are infused with the blood of your “Master”, and that is what gives you the new life. All vampires look a little dead, the younger can pass as human through normal means, they just look paler than most. The older ones start to become a bit deformed, however. Think Nosferatu-like deformations. They become more monster than human in appearance.

If you decide to play a vampire, you must decide who was your “Master”, and the circumstances around your “courting” and “becoming”.

Gifts——- All vampires get a “glamour” This is a trick on the minds of any humans and/or other creatures that see them. The glamour allows them to appear human and normal in the presence of others. When looking at the vampire, they appear as they wish to be seen, but out of the corner of your eye you might catch a flicker of something not quite right. Only those with a very high willpower, might catch this, and can roll to see ifthey notice anything more. Most humans are not aware of the monsters that go bump around them, so they would not notice this. Hunters might be able to see through the glamour entirely, if they know what they are looking for (i.e. have dealt with vampires before).

The Calling—— it allows them to ghoul someone with a small bite, not very damaging, and then be able to summon them from a great distance. These ghouls are compelled to follow, and as long as they are being “called” the vampire can order them todo as they wish. It’s a sort of deep mental suggestion. Depending on how many times the vampire has drank the ghouls blood, will determine the strength of the power of suggestion.

They are hyper intelligent, and great at riddles. Their wisdom is passed down from those who created them, and who knows how long those centuries really span. They have a piece of the knowledge of their ancestors, and love to collect more knowledge. They store up knowledge like a library in their brains, but depending on their age it is not always concisely conveyed. Though, other vampires may understand them,they sometimes catch themselves rambling.

Flaws——— Vampires can be killed by sunlight, and by decapitation. They must have a bed of earth to sleep in, and at Dawn they go into a “dead sleep”,where they are essentially corpses through and through. They are supposed to be below ground when they sleep, or rather touching the earth. You can not simply be enclosed in a dark room with no windows, to rest through the day. You must have some earth to lay on, or your body will slowly start to decay (age depends on how rapidly this happens) and then when night falls you are damaged. It will take you longer to wake, and you will need lots of blood to rejuvenate the damage. To avoid this, most vampires travel with some sort of large box, sometimes a coffin, that is filled half way with earth. This way they can be closed up in it. Or they bring bags of earth with them, so they can spread it out and rest in a dark room if they are stopping over in some village or town. If a vampire does not have these sort of traveling accommodations, and is out in the woods or wilderness, they must dig up the earth and cover themselves completely in order to rest for the day. This is dangerous though, because vampire hunters may know to look for odd patches up turned up earth, and will dig them up to die in the sun.

As grotesque as they are, and as much as people fear them for being demons in the night. They love human kind. They love the structure, and civilization of humanity. They marvel at new innovations, and are secretly responsible for a few along the way. Because of this, they have a compulsion to be near humans, not just for feeding, but they have a sick fascination with it all.


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